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How to Walk When You Are Too Busy

Posted on August 22 2018

Been wanting to eliminate or take control of health issues such as high blood pressure, osteoporosis, depression, insomnia, Type 2 diabetes and arthritis?  Follow the advice of healthcare experts and TAKE A STROLL!!!

EVERYONE can benefit from the low-impact exercise of walking.  It’s a prescription that treats several ailments and, if done on a regular basis, can result in weight loss, managing disease and maintaining good health.

Although we know the facts about what works, somehow our health and well-being get put on the back burner and taking the steps to improve our health does not seem important.  Excuses abound:  “I’m too busy; it’s not a priority in my life right now; I’ll do it later; I’m too tired;” and on and on and on.  Granted, we are busy women – the J-O-B; the never-ending responsibilities of being a mother; a wife (or both); along with social activities makes for a stressful schedule.


The good news is while taking care of those responsibilities we can take steps to take care of our bodies and meet that step goal. The Centers of Disease Control (CDC) currently recommends a minimum of 10,000 steps daily.  That equals 5 miles and may seem like a lot, but is achievable. The reality is, if you want to feel healthier, we have to stop making excuses.

There are several ways to incorporate a walk into your daily routine.  By walking just 30 minutes a day you could easily achieve that 10,000 step goal.  The good news it doesn’t have to be all at once.  Break it up! You can walk for 10 minutes 3 times a day OR walk for two minutes 15 times a day.  Make it work for you – exercise does not have to be prolonged to be beneficial – it just has to be done frequently. How about switching out a 30 minute time out from your computer, that reality show, Facebook, or other digital obsession?  You’ll see how quickly the time goes by and for such a greater benefit.

First and foremost, get a tracking device.  There are numerous models available – from a high-end Apple Watch or Fitbit to a phone app or clip-on pedometer costing less than $15.  The important part is to USE IT!  You’d be surprised how many steps you take during your daily routine, but once you become aware of the numbers you’ll be motivated to add additional steps to hit that daily goal.

Be especially mindful of this if you sit at a desk all day.  Studies have shown that sitting motionless reduces blood flow to the legs, which can increase the risk of building up plaque in the arteries.  It also puts us at risk for depression, diabetes and obesity.  Even a little activity, spread throughout the day improves our health – mentally and physically.

I am constantly striving to get healthier.  While my health is not as good as I’d like it to be, I’ve added the following into my daily activities and it has helped me hit my daily 10,000 step goal and on some days more.  Hopefully these will give you a few ideas to incorporate into your daily routine.  It may require a few extra minutes of your time – but you are worth it!

  • Walking 20 minutes in the morning or a minimum of 10 minutes when the schedule doesn’t allow longer.
  • Adding 10 minutes after you eat lunch and if possible, 10 minutes after dinner. 30 minutes – DONE!!
  • Stuck at your desk most of the day?  Standing up and walking around 5 minutes every hour could brighten your mood and assist you in getting that step goal!
  • Walk along the corridor or just pace around the office.
  • Have a 10 minute break?  Walk around the block – the fresh air and walking will invigorate you and help you avoid the 3 o’clock slump!
  • If appropriate, instead of sending an email, walk to a co-worker’s office or desk to make your inquiry or deliver a message.
  • Going to the copy machine?  Go once to make your copies, then repeat the steps a 2nd time.
  • Make that trip to the restroom twice.  It may seem a little ridiculous to cruise the hallways or walk around the office more than you need to, but believe no one is noticing except you!
  • Taking the train to work not only helps eliminate the stress of traffic, you’ll definitely get in extra steps getting to and from the station. While you are there, take the stairs.

  • At the grocery store, circle the outer perimeter twice in addition to going down the aisles to choose your groceries.
  • When dropping off your children at one of their activities, take a quick walk around the block before getting back into your car.
  • Take the scenic route:  Go for a short walk at a nearby park or body of water.  You can go solo or as an outing with your children.
  • Instead of a meeting at a restaurant, scheduling a walk with a friend is a great way to catch up.  OR if you must eat, take time to walk a short while after eating before heading back to your car.

ladies walking with friends

  • Incorporate a stroll for date night.  Explore someplace you’ve been wanting to check out and enjoy a short walk before heading inside.

There are lots of ways to add steps to our daily routines and Daylight Savings Time makes it a perfect time to start.  Set some reasonable weight loss goals, maybe 1 pound a week or 2 pounds a month.  When it happens, reward yourself!  Pat yourself on the back, get a massage, buy some fresh flowers or a trinket to remind yourself that you are worth the effort.

WALK – WALK – AND WALK SOME MORE!  The benefits outweigh any doubts or hesitation you may have and hopefully will get you moving and keep you moving.  Once you begin following just one of these suggestions, I promise you’ll want to add others!  ENJOY!!!!!!!

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