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Wristbands for Washing Face, Spa Wristbands

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  • Excellent Water Absorption - When you wash your face, you always had water splashing everywhere. Water used to run all the way down to your elbows and now the water gets absorbed into the face wash wristbands, Definitely doesn’t let the water run down your arms. With these washbands, you barely have water splashing on your counter. 
  • Comfortable - This spa wristbands for washing face is made of microfiber, and will provide you with a soft and comfortable using experience, breathable and serviceable for reuse, and will not do harm to your delicate skin.
  • Versatile Applications - these wrist spa wash bands can be applied on most daily occasions, such as washing the face, doing makeup, doing housework, doing yoga, doing sports, and more, and will absorb water and sweat.
  • Fast Drying - The face wash wristbands are made of high-density microfiber material, and with special textile technology, the drying speed is 20% faster than similar products.
  • Wristbands For Washing Face Set - You get 1 pairs of microfiber wristbands in 2 different colors, the absorbent wristbands are also equipped with good elasticity, can be stretched to fit you better, and can stay stable on most people's wrists.

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